Festival Vibes met Pal Mundo

Pal Mundo is where different worlds come together to create the feeling of a home far away from home. The festival comes to life like an imaginary flight crossing different countries and cultures – creating a united world in one city. We take pride in bringing together the biggest artists, the finest talents and the best food from many different cultures around the world. More importantly, Pal Mundo is more than the sum of its parts – it’s where the good things in life are shared with family and friends. Once a year, the whole world comes together to enjoy life at Pal Mundo Festival – the biggest Latin and Caribbean Festival in Europe.

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Pal Mundo Favorites

  1. Guess GU6939-32W-58
    Guess GU6939-32W-58
    2 kleuren
    € 100,-
  2. Retrosuperfuture Mega-9D0-53
    Retrosuperfuture Mega-9D0-53
    2 kleuren
    € 209,-
  3. Boho Beach Sunny Necklace - Twisted Chain Gold
    Boho Beach Sunny Necklace - Twisted Chain Gold
    32 kleuren
    € 17,-
  4. Boho Beach Sunny Necklace - Multicolour Flower Beads
    Boho Beach Sunny Necklace - Multicolour Flower Beads
    32 kleuren
    € 30,-
  5. Max Mara MM0026-30F-64
    Max Mara MM0026-30F-64
    2 kleuren
    € 200,-
  6. Any Di Daisy SunCover
    ANY DI Any Di Daisy SunCover
    27 kleuren
    € 89,-
  7. Bottega Veneta BV1012S-005
    Bottega Veneta BV1012S-005
    5 kleuren
    € 300,-
  8. Bottega Veneta BV1128S-006-58
    Bottega Veneta BV1128S-006-58
    3 kleuren
    € 330,-